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What Is Integrative Medicine? Find out on the Your Infinite Health Podcast Episode 2

Your Infinite Health Podcast and becoming the CEO of your health
Take Ownership of Your Health

It seems like everywhere the words “integrative medicine” are being advertised - from chiropractic offices to med spas. But what is “integrative medicine,” and what is it not?

In the second episode of the Your Infinite Health podcast (available where-ever you stream podcasts), LeNae and Trip Goolsby, the co-founders of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center and the co-authors of “Think and Live Longer”, discuss the definition of integrative medicine, as well as its vital role in in living a longer, healthier life.

For Infinite Health Integrative Medicine, the core of integrative medicine holds the patient in partnership with their healthcare provider, and the patient's healthcare concerns are addressed by taking into consideration all of the factors that affect health, from nutrition, to the environment, to mental health, to relationships, etc.

For Infinite Health IMC, our approach to additionally "integrates in" integrative the best in traditional medical approaches (what we are generally accustomed to in the US), with the best in peer-reviewed and evidence-based complimentary approaches to address those health concerns.

Specifically, Infinite Health IMC is focused on health optimization, age-reversal, and regenerative medicine to help our patients get from where they are to where they desire to be. This allows our patients to become the CEO of their healthcare, bringing in the partners they need to help them achieve their success in health goals.

For the past thirteen years, Infinite Health IMC has successfully helped tens of thousands of women and men across the nation utilize our integrative approach to reach their personalized success in health goals. Tune in to the Your Infinite Health podcast to learn more, subscribe for future episodes, and please leave a review!

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