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Unveiling the Future of Spinal Injury Diagnosis: A Comprehensive Approach with Infinite Health IMC

Spine of woman
Female spine

Navigating the intricacies of personal injury cases demands a nuanced understanding of spinal injury diagnostic challenges. Trip Goolsby, MD, and the adept team at Infinite Health IMC are reshaping spinal injury diagnostics. By addressing three critical pitfalls and adopting a transformative approach, they aim to empower personal injury lawyers and enhance the well-being of their clients.

1. The Challenge of Non-Disc Spinal Ligament Injuries:

Traditional MRI scans, lauded for their imaging capabilities, fall short in detecting non-disc spinal ligament injuries. These injuries, linked to chronic pain and disability, often elude conventional diagnostic methods. Dr. Goolsby confronts this challenge head-on by integrating advanced technologies, enhancing sensitivity specifically to non-disc injuries.

Infinite Health IMC recognizes the intricate nature of spinal ligament injuries, not always visible on traditional MRI scans. This shift transcends the limitations of conventional diagnostics, fostering a deep understanding of visualizing ligaments in the traditional MRI setting.

Understanding these intricacies involves acknowledging the potential consequences of undetected injuries. This knowledge empowers personal injury patients and thier lawyers to advocate for more comprehensive diagnostic methods, ensuring thorough assessments of the full spectrum of spinal injuries. By doing so, lawyers mitigate the risk of overlooking critical elements that could impact patient care and legal proceedings.

Moreover, at Infinite Health IMC, we utilize CRMA® excessive motion testing to precisely identify all non-disc spinal ligament injuries. This information is then clinically correlated to assess bad spinal instability, a crucial aspect often missed in spinal workups solely relying on MRI. This underscores the significance of non-disc spinal ligament injuries and the advanced technologies employed to accurately identify them—a primary focus at our clinic.

2. Moving Beyond Disc Pathology:

Historically, MRI scans disproportionately emphasized disc pathology, potentially overshadowing equally critical non-disc spinal ligament injuries. Dr. Goolsby advocates for a paradigm shift, urging a more holistic diagnostic approach that considers the entire spectrum of spinal injuries, moving beyond fixation solely on disc-related issues.

This shift is prompted by recognizing the historical focus on disc pathology in MRI scans and its potential implications for patients and personal injury cases. Dr. Goolsby's approach challenges this norm, prioritizing a comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond the narrow scope of disc pathology.

Aligning with Infinite Health IMC ensures clients receive a more inclusive evaluation, offering a holistic picture of the extent of their spinal injuries. The emphasis is on avoiding tunnel vision on disc-related concerns, instead adopting an approach that encompasses the diverse array of potential spinal injuries. This shift in perspective is instrumental for personal injury lawyers, presenting a more accurate representation of their clients' injuries in the legal arena.

3. Progressing with Advanced Spinal Ligament Imaging:

While MRI excels in delivering detailed anatomical images, its limitations surface when assessing spinal motion and stability. Dr. Goolsby emphasizes the importance of moving beyond static images, actively integrating progressive and advanced spinal ligament imaging technologies into the diagnostic process.

Exploring the importance of progressive and advanced spinal ligament imaging is crucial in recognizing the dynamic nature of spinal injuries. By advocating for the incorporation of advanced technologies, such as dynamic motion studies and CRMA® excessive motion testing, Dr. Goolsby emphasizes the need for a comprehensive evaluation encompassing both the anatomy and functionality of the spine.

Personal injury lawyers are encouraged to leverage this knowledge to ensure their clients undergo evaluations beyond traditional diagnostic confines. Embracing progressive and advanced spinal ligament imaging guarantees a comprehensive consideration of the full extent of spinal injuries, leading to more accurate legal strategies and improved patient outcomes.

Infinite Health IMC: Revolutionizing Spinal Injury Diagnosis:

Infinite Health IMC's diagnostic philosophy transcends the limitations of conventional MRI scans. Dr. Goolsby and his team employ cutting-edge technologies, including CRMA® excessive motion testing, to ensure a thorough assessment of both disc and non-disc spinal ligament injuries. By addressing the limitations of MRI, Infinite Health IMC provides personal injury lawyers with a valuable resource to fortify their clients' cases.

As personal injury lawyers navigate the complexities of spinal injury cases, understanding the potential pitfalls of relying solely on conventional MRI scans becomes paramount. Dr. Goolsby offers a groundbreaking solution by addressing challenges associated with non-disc injuries, disc pathology, and incorporating functional assessments into the diagnostic process.

Choosing Infinite Health IMC as a partner ensures clients receive unparalleled diagnostic precision, leading to more informed legal strategies and significantly improved patient outcomes. In an era where innovation reshapes both legal and medical fields, Infinite Health IMC stands at the forefront of this transformative shift, offering a vision for the future of spinal injury diagnosis.

If you would like to learn more about how Infinite Health IMC is revolutionizing the way in which non-disk pinal injuries are being diagnosed as well as treated, call 504.323.0025 or visit

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