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Think and Live Longer Author/Physician Provides Monthly Mind-Body Coaching

Trip Goolsby, MD, Bestselling Author and Health Optimization and Longevity Expert.

Dr. Goolsby's practice, Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, located in both New Orleans and Lake Charles Louisiana, provides a 4 Pillars Approach to helping women and men across the nation achieve their successful health image and even reverse the aging process.

"While each Pillar is integral to our patient-partners achieving their goals in health and longevity, what we've found is that our patient-partners who are compliant with our proprietary mind-body coaching program and book, known as "Think and Live Longer," are the ones who consistently have the most transformational results," said LeNae Goolsby, Cofounder of Infinite Health IMC, and Coauthor of "Think and Live Longer."

According to Dr. Goolsby, the success his patients realize is largely attributed to their ability to shift the way they think about their health – to begin to think in such a way that places them at the helm of their healthcare and empowering them to define and then achieve what success in health looks like and feels like for them.

"What do you want? Why do you want it? And, what are you willing to give to receive it?" "These are the foundational questions we ask to begin to help the patient begin to conceptualize what it is they want for their health and longevity. From here, together we create a plan, tailored to the patient to create the roadmap towards their goal," said Dr. Goolsby.

Dr. Goolsby began implementing his "Think and Live Longer" strategies while providing community medical oncology and hematology services before transitioning his practice into an integrative and regenerative medicine practice. What he found with his oncology patients was that they were better able to tolerate their chemotherapy and in many cases were able to enjoy a higher quality of life for a longer period of time.

Encouraged by these results, Dr. Goolsby expanded his mind-body approach into the book, "Think and Live Longer," making it available for anyone anywhere to supplement their healthcare goals regardless of where they live. He has now expanded "Think and Live Longer" even further by offering a "Think and Live Longer" focused live online group coaching event once a month.

The "Think and Live Longer" live group coaching events are available for free to active Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center patients, and are also available for purchase to the public by visiting "So far, the turnout for our first two classes has been fantastic, and we expect an even greater experience on our next class, which will be held via Zoom on September 19, 2022. Those who are registered but unable to attend the live class will be sent the replay link as soon as it becomes available, as well." said Mrs. Goolsby.

Founded by former Medical Oncologist and Hematologist, and bestselling authors, Henry J. "Trip" Goolsby, III, MD and his wife, LeNae Goolsby in 2013, Infinite Health IMC provides a progressive approach to achieving success in health optimization, longevity and regenerative medicine.

For more information about the Think and Live Longer Coaching Events visit For more information about Trip Goolsby, MD and Infinite Health IMC – Lake Charles or Infinite Health IMC – New Orleans, visit the Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center visit

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