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The Infinite Health IMC Origin Story: Podcast Episode One

The origin story podcast episode of LeNae and Trip Goolsby MD
Your Infinite Health Podcast: Origin Story

Did you know that you can get to know how the founders of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center met, fell in love, had kids, and created Infinite Health? Well, you can, and this love story is available in the first episode of their new podcast, "Your Infinite Health."

In this first episode of the Your Infinite Health podcast, LeNae and Trip Goolsby, MD share their journey towards creating their practice, Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center. They discuss how they met, and then go into their transition from providing community cancer care to establishing a precision-based peer-reviewed and evidence-based integrative and regenerative medicine practice. Here, they emphasized the importance of understanding the mind-body connection, nutrition, physical fitness, and hormonal optimization to achieving success in health and longevity.

Dr. Goolsby shares how when his son, Henry, IV, was conceived, Dr. Goolsby was 50 years old and he decided it was time for him to personally delve into longevity medicine. Eventually he began to implement what he’s learned and adopted into his personal regimen into his oncology practice. Shortly after doing so, Dr. Goolsby’s oncology patients began to have amazing positive results.

In 2013, LeNae and Dr. Goolsby transitioned out of oncology and into what is now known as Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center. Infinite Health embraces a 4 Pillars Approach to health optimization embracing nutrition, physical fitness, metabolic and hormone optimization, as well as their proprietary mind-body coaching program, which they turned into their book, “Think and Live Longer.”

For over a decade now, Infinite Health IMC has been helping people across the nation become the CEOs of their health to achieve success in health.

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