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Justin Frandson on the Your Infinite Health podcast

Trip Goolsby, MD, Justin Frandson, and LeNae Goolsby
Trip Goolsby, MD, Justin Frandson, and LeNae Goolsby

In today's fast-paced digital age, where wearable technology and smart devices are an integral part of our lives, there's an alarming side effect that often goes unnoticed – the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on our health. This is precisely the topic we delve into on a fascinating episode of the Your Infinite Health podcast, featuring Justin Frandson, an athleticism performance coach and the founder of

The EMF Conundrum

Justin Frandson's journey into understanding the hidden toll of EMFs on personal freedoms and health began over a decade ago when he made a groundbreaking revelation. He noticed a disturbing correlation between the deteriorating physical well-being of athletes and their use of wearable technology. One particular encounter with a robust athlete complaining of wrist pain caught Justin's keen eye. His intuitive diagnosis pointed to the smartwatch emitting radiation as the source of the problem.

A Holistic Approach to Sports Performance

Justin Frandson brings a holistic and innovative approach to sports performance. His expertise extends to nerve work and concussion treatment, making him a valuable resource for both amateur and professional athletes. On Your Infinite Health podcast, he shares his unique perspective on how EMFs can affect athletes and individuals alike.

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  • Universe Connection and Mitochondria Breakdown: Justin explores how our connection to the universe can impact our health, particularly through the breakdown of mitochondria – the powerhouse of our cells.

  • Diverse Impact of EMFs: Not all individuals experience the effects of EMFs in the same way. Justin emphasizes the importance of recognizing the variables that play a role in how EMFs affect people differently.

  • Testing and Switching Energies: Discover how Justin Frandson's approach allows individuals to test and potentially switch their energies, offering a fresh perspective on health and well-being.

Connect with Justin Frandson

If you're intrigued by Justin Frandson's insights and want to explore his work further, you can connect with him through the following channels:

And don't forget to tune in to the full episode of the Your Infinite Health podcast to dive deep into the discussion on EMFs, their impact on personal freedoms and health, and the practical solutions to safeguard your well-being in the digital age. CLICK HERE for the full episode!

Hosted by Dr. Trip Goolsby & LeNae Goolsby

Your Infinite Health podcast is hosted by Trip Goolsby, MD and LeNae Goolsby, the co-founders of the Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center. They are also the co-authors of the book "Think and Live Longer," sharing valuable insights into integrative medicine and age-reversal techniques.

Join us in this thought-provoking exploration of EMFs, body rhythms, and the path to better health. Don't miss out on this eye-opening episode – listen now!

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