Being in tune with your body and mind definitely has a number of benefits – many benefits, actually! At the end of the day, no one knows your body as well as you do, and it’s up to you to stay in tune and listen to what your body is telling you. Are you pushing yourself too hard at work, skipping out on valuable sleep, or neglecting your nutritional needs? In our work-driven society, it’s only “natural” to forgo some of our physical and emotional needs in lieu of work, but the things that your body is telling you are important. Indeed, your integrative medicine specialists here in Lake Charles agree that you paying attention to your body is a good thing.

Improving Your Health With Integrative Medicine In Lake Charles

Here at Infinite Health, we believe that the connection between mind, body, and spirit is a powerful one. By taking a holistic approach to health through our integrated health services, we’re helping Lake Charles residents and other Louisiana residents make their way to a happier, healthier life full of joy and gratitude. Learn more about our complementary medicine practice today, or continue reading to learn a little bit more about the importance of listening to your body.

Keeping a Journal

Writing can be really therapeutic, helping you learn more about yourself and your own body. Consider writing down at least one thing per day that you can do to nurture and take care of your body, even simple things like drinking a smoothie, getting an early nights’ sleep, or stretching in the morning.


Meditation is a fantastic way to listen to your body more, by quieting your busy mind of all thoughts and existing in the present moment. Though easier said than done, even taking a few minutes each day to calmly sit down and focus on nothing but your breath is a great way to get in tune with yourself. Jotting down some thoughts about your meditation experience while it’s still fresh in your mind can be helpful in terms of gaining insight into yourself.

Eat Mindfully

In a physiological sense, what we put into our bodies is what we get out of them. Intuitive or mindful eating is another great way of listening to your body – literally, if you’re hungry and your stomach is growling. This involves creating a healthy relationship between food and your mind, body, and spirit, learning to become the expert of your own, unique body. By switching off the TV and other distractions while you eat, you’ll find yourself to be much more aware of what kind of food you’re eating, how much food you’re eating, what your appetite levels are like, and so forth.

Living a Healthier, Mindful Life With Our Lake Charles Integrated Health Services

It requires discipline to make healthy changes in your life, but putting in the effort is beyond worth it. Integrative therapy is no easy feat, and that’s why Infinite Health is here to help you. Learn more about integrative medicine in Lake Charles and the surrounding area by getting in touch with Infinite Health today.

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