We recently realized that we get asked a few of the same questions about wo we are, what we do and what exactly is integrative medicine by differnet people, so we thought we would take a moment and share these questions, and Dr. Trip’s responses to them, with you.

Q: What is “Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center?”

A: Infinite Health is the first integrative health center in our region whose vision & purpose is to provide the ultimate pro-active healthcare experience for the body, mind and soul of our patrons. Additionally, our passion and our mission is to inspire and empower YOU to achieve transcenent health!

Q: What exactly is “integrative health?”

A: Integrative health is the healthcare approach that centers its philosophies on applying all proven, cutting edge diagnostic and treatment methods to obtain the highest quality of life throughout the life if the individual and achieve ultimate longevity with the best long-term functionality. We use a proven four-pillar integrated approach that will have you exclaiming, like so many of our patients, “I can’t believe I feel so good and can do so much! I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

Q: What do y’all do exactly?

A: Unlike primary care providers, we do simply respond to problems that arise. Rather, we plan and acheive a state of optimized health that focuses on you feeling amazing, and returning to a more youthful exuberance on your life and maintaining that condition for as long as we are partners in your health.

If you are ready to go from surviving to thriving, from fine to fantastic, consider scheduling your complimentary introductory consultation today!