As many of you know, I recently became a consulting physician for HealthTap. This is an interesting internet based virtual concierge physician service that allows patients to consult with physicians of their choosing and/or to maintain ongoing dialogue with their current healthcare provider(s). It is also a site where physicians interact with each other and may provide insight into their relative expertise or recent experiences. One of the many opportunities available in this domain is to provide opinions regarding the efficacy of new medications or combinations of medications that are used in the treatment of common diseases, such as diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is one of those diseases that is somewhat of a hot topic these days. So prevalent is the problem that numerous new medications addressing different aspects of the glucose metabolism have been created. As I was reviewing a number of these medications, their relative different indications and usage, it occurred to me that I have had little relative experience with these newer combinations. On the one hand, it was somewhat bothersome to review the mode of action of all the new medications and proprietary combinations. Also, I was perturbed because I know the cost of these newer medications is on the extravagant side (particularly when we compare our costs here in the USA to our neighbors in Canada-and even more so in Europe).

Ultimately, what bothered me more is the proliferation of pills that provide poorly preventive prognosis in this population, particularly when I have seen such positive progress in my own population without pushing pills of the chemical sort. That said, I am currently collecting conservatively consistent results with my Infinite Health Program in which I apply my Four Pillar Approach™ such that I wonder if there is any true need to review all of Pharma’s new profiteering proliferation.

The one example that stands out in my mind (over the past 12 months that I have accumulated a series of complete responders from 9 out of 12 new patients with longstanding type 2 DM) in those who no longer require any medication to control their “disease,” is a 68 year-old gentleman who came to me with a 23 year history of insulin requiring 30-60 units of Lantus insulin daily along with 4 oral medications. He has multiple complications of his longstanding hyperglycemia such as neuropathy, vascular disease and other end organ compromise. Within four months of initiating the Infinite Health Program, his HbA1c had declined from 11 to 5.5 and we were able to stop all oral medications after completely discontinuing his insulin administration. It has now been 12 months and this once wheelchair bound gentleman now walks into my office. He does use a cane, but I am sure this will be going sometime in the next 12 months.

This novel approach is truly pushing the positive poles and as I add new patients to this modality I truly hope to see continuing results of a complimentary nature. Join us at Infinite Health and see where your positive results can transcendthose of your current care!