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Anti-Aging services offered in the greater Metairie and Lake Charles, LA area

Anti-aging medicine focuses on the issues involved in rapid aging and effectively addressing those problems. At two Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center offices in Metairie and Lake Charles, Louisiana, anti-aging specialist Trip Goolsby, MD, uses whole-person integrative medicine approaches to determine your biological age and help you start aging in reverse. Call the nearest office or book your appointment online today.

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine focuses on finding the root causes of accelerated aging and treating those problems effectively. 

At Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, Dr. Goolsby determines why you’re experiencing negative age-related issues, identifies your age-related risk factors, and provides a detailed personalized roadmap that you can follow to help turn back the clock on your biological age. 

What does biological age mean in terms of anti-aging?

Your chronological age is the number of years you’ve been on this earth, but your biological age refers to how fast your body is actually aging. Surprisingly, the two numbers are often quite different, with many people having a biological age older than it should be. 

Accelerated biological aging is the number one predictor of chronic illness, so knowing your biological age is important. 

At Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, Dr. Goolsby uses the state-of-the-art TruAge test from TruDiagnostic to determine your biological age and estimate your risk of most common age-related conditions.

TruDiagnostic testing examines more than a million points of your DNA in detail and uses the newest technology to interpret your results, giving you the most accurate information about your biological age. 

The tests also examine your immune system rate of aging, your risk of age-related diseases, and other aspects of your health (like gene function) to provide a detailed image of your health. 

Based on your results, you can take steps to slow down and reverse biological aging. 

How does anti-aging work?

Dr. Goolsby uses a  unique four-pillar approach to help you manage your health and start aging in reverse. It includes:

Hormone balancing

Hormone imbalance is often a culprit in age-related issues such as weight gain, low libido, and poor stamina. Dr. Goolsby prescribes natural bioidentical hormones to relieve symptoms quickly. 

Nutritional optimization

Nutritional optimization identifies nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, and food allergies. Changing how you eat and optimizing your diet can give your body what it needs to fight aging.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness can help you feel younger, stronger, and more vibrant. Dr. Goolsby tailors an exercise plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Mind-body coaching

Treating mind and body is essential for anti-aging, and understanding the mind-body connection is vital. Mind-body coaching can help you think better and live longer.

Want to reclaim your youth? Call Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center or book your appointment online today.