Jared Daigre will be offering the element of Fitness in conjunction with Infinite Health and our 3 other pillars of Health. Jared will be conducting Consultations, Complete Fitness Assessments, along with Personal Training and Online Training Customized Programs. As a patient by meeting with Jared you can expect to find out where your Fitness levels are in comparison to other people your age across the nation. You will be able to develop personal goals and have Jared help you along the way. Like Jared says, “My goal is to help people accomplish their goal or goal(s)”. Being able to understand the process and given a timely manner in order to accomplish the goals are essential to your fitness success. “Most everyone will accomplish their goals with the right mindset and consistency”. Patients can expect to get fit which entails better health. You will feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. Along with better posture and stabilized joints, you will increase strength and decrease body fat. You will notice that your normal, daily ailments will subside. You will just flat out feel better. You will gain more confidence and develop the right mindset to take on the outside world. No longer let yourself get in the way of yourself. Take control of your body and life today.
The assessment is a well rounded overall fitness evaluation. It incorporates all facets of one’s fitness along with body composition. It is a “complete” assessment, testing strength, endurance, power, stability/coordination/balance, flexibility, and body fat%. Your program will be based off of how you score. Being compared to others your age reflects the areas you are excelling at where as showing the area’s that need to be worked on. The total assessment will take about 30-40 minutes. Please bring the correct exercising attire, sneakers and no jeans are crucial.
You will be allowed up to 3 assessments per year. This is to show levels of progression. Performing the assessment every 3-4 months is a good amount of time to make sure your fitness program is coinciding with your goals. Jared is here to assist you in your wellness journey, please set up a time to meet with and take him up on his advice and guidance to help you accomplish your goals. “Let’s do this together.”

Jared is the certified personal fitness trainer for Infinite Health. He holds two degrees from LSU in Kinesiology
(Concentration Fitness Studies) and Nutritional Sciences. He interned as a strength coach at LSU for 3 years, working with many professional ball players. He currently coaches strength sport athletes in powerlifting, strongman, crossfit, and bodybuilding.

Program Pricing

Available Options: Assessments, Online Training, Personal Training
CONSULTATIONS (are Complimentary with purchase of any program)
1) ASSESSMENT(s) ONLY (per year): $150 for 1 or $300 for 3
2) ASSESSMENT(s) up to 3 per year + ONLINE TRAINING (monthly programs) 3 months: $400, 6 months: $600, or 12 months: $800
3) ASSESSMENT(s) up to 3 per year + PERSONAL TRAINING (weekly programs, up to 3 sessions per week) 3 months: $2,000, 6 months: $4,000, 12 months: $6000