So, just what is integrative medicine? What does it integrate? How does it work? Is that where I use seagrass extract and pistachio oil to cure my diabetes? :-O

I seem to be fielding a number of similar questions from my patients and interested onlookers on a pretty routine basis, these days. Yes, this is a new concept in medical care, locally, but is has been a growing concept nationally since the 1980s. And, as of now, I am not aware of any approaches using seagrass and pistachios therapeutically for diabetes. I would, however, be happy to review and interpret any information you have in an effort to assist your decision making about pursuing its use!

Conventional medical practice reasons that all symptoms and disease manifestations are the end product of a specific organ or tangible physical problem. These problems are then presumably all reasonably resolved by the rational application of medical therapy such as pharmaceuticals, surgery, etc. Physicians are in fact trained, for the most part, to think this way: inborn or acquired malfunction lead to specific or nonspecific clinical symptoms, laboratory and imaging anomalies that lead to the diagnosis and finally to a treatment with an Rx—“I have a pill for that,” or in the case of surgery, “You’ll be better off without that anyway.”

The foundation of integrative medicine empowers the collaborative effort of the physician and the patient to review and optimize these same specific, tangible, organ-based physical problems, and may possibly necessitate all of the same customary modalities. This effort is generally undertaken, however, simultaneously, or after optimization of multiple lifestyle factors that are known to impact the appearance, evolution and propagation of disease.

Traditional medical practice also tends to give lip service to the impact of the mind in its effectuation of health-related or disease-aggravating effects. The techniques associated with mind-body medicine and studies of their impact have, since the initial studies by H. Benson, M.D. at Harvard in the early 1970s, demonstrated impressive results by improving therapeutic outcomes in many disease settings.

More importantly, in this age of skyrocketing pharmaceutical and medical interventional costs, these techniques are inexpensive and self-applicable in most cases with minimal training (imagine that!).

The goal and vision I have invested in at Infinite Health is not only to optimize health, but to help transform individual visions of what a potential health optimization is. This is because I invariably find far greater potential than is anticipated on the individual basis using the integrative approach. Then, with ongoing input and collaboration of the individual, I implement, guide, and assist this metamorphosis of comprehensive health. Let me join you in your health revolution. Come in to our integrative health clinic in Lake Charles and allow me to help you imagine what your health could really be like. Availability is limited as the time necessary for the evaluation, planning, and implementation discussions can be lengthy depending on the degree of complexity of your request.

About Dr. Trip:

Dr. Henry J. (“Trip”) Goolsby, III is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology, Board Eligible in Hematology and is a Certified Elite Health/Age Management Provider. For more than 25 years, Dr. Trip set the bar and led the way in providing patient-centric healthcare. His Lake Charles, Louisiana facility received national recognition after being awarded the HOPE Award in 2011 for Best Small Practices. Providing an environment conducive to optimal patient care and healing was focal point for the office design. Dr. Trip continues to set the bar in healthcare by being the forerunner in bringing a whole body mind and soul approach to traditional healthcare services by launching Infinite Health, a pro-active integrative complex internal medicine center to Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, as well as extending services to patients in Tennessee and New York. For more information or schedule your consultation with Dr. Trip, contact us today!