**As seen in The Voice of Southwest Louisiana

When women in business (in which I include women who are in the business of managing their home and families) are able to set aside their ego and insecurities, tap into their heart space, lift up, encourage, and empower other women, they are in their most inspiring state of grace, beauty and self-empowerment

One way I consciously choose to be “great-minded” and walk the path of grace, beauty, and self-empowerment, is to surround myself with other like-minded women. This practice, this daily conscious choice, has actually paved the way for constructive business collaborations and a means by which to engage in creative financing that is mutually beneficial. For example, I have a beautiful, spacious office building, part of which was not being consistently used. I was blessed to have the ability and the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing like-minded woman, Nicole Shuff Arabie, Intuitive Soul Coach and Owner of Decluttering Your Soul. Nicole needed occasional use of a small office space in which to meet with her clients. The times that she meets with clients, after traditional working hours and weekends, are the times that Infinite Health is closed. In exchange for a small percentage of her monthly gross fees, I am able to provide Nicole the space she needs to meet with clients in a professional setting, as she needs it, and without her having to incur the expense of traditional monthly rent. Likewise, I am able to increase our business exposure, as well as the profitability of that space, and we both benefit from having each other as a referral exchange partner.

More recently, I desired to expand Infinite Health’s service offerings to include yoga, but did not have the desire to expand payroll, nor teach yoga myself. Because of the relationship I have with Nicole, a series of synchronistic events lined up and she introduced me to Miranda Fontenot, a Yoga Instructor and Owner of Yoga Y’all. Miranda has been teaching yoga for about two years, she has an existing clientele and a desire to be self-employed. What she needed was exactly what I had to offer…beautiful, peaceful space. Together, we created a “partnership” of sorts that allows me to offer yoga services on-site, with a discounted rate to our patients, generate some income off of what was previously non-income producing space, increasing our business exposure even more, while simultaneously allowing Miranda to retain her independence, and build her own yoga business without incurring the overhead expense of a traditional lease, etc. Again, we both benefit from having each other as a referral exchange and cross-promotional partner. The arrangement is a “win-win.”

If you are a woman in business seeking to expand, diversify or start something completely new, but you feel like you are restrained from doing so because of limited resources or missing components, think about what you have to offer—what are your strengths? Now ask yourself, what do you need to complete your vision? Think about the wonderful women you know who may either have what you need or know someone who does. Ask, how can you create constructive collaborative partnerships with the women around you so that everyone benefits and so that everyone is able to step into their own state of grace, beauty and self-empowerment.


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