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Testimonials from Our Patients and Partners

After not seeing a friend for about 3 months, when I caught sight of him I had to do a double-take. He was significantly thinner and had this (unusual) smile on his face that was not particularly common for him. Don’t get me wrong, the man just seemed to have this peaceful look about him. I walked over to him and asked him what he was doing to lose the weight (you see I’ve lived a life of obesity). His smile grew large as he placed his hand on my shoulder and stated, “Remy I have something to share with you that is going to change your life”.
Ok, I’ve heard this before but standing before me is this man who has changed. The obvious change was visual and apparent, but there was something else negative about him that was missing. My friend is a good guy, but most around don’t really like him much because his demeanor was largely very negative. He complained, he moaned he just was never a happy guy. Things got to him and he carried them around with him spouting the complaints to anyone who would listen. I would tell him be quiet and smile which would get a smile (usually) but he just had difficulty accepting things, dealing with things period. Fortunately for me I saw the nice guy underneath. However, standing in front of me is this guy free of the sourpuss face and attitude usually accompanying him. My friend was also VERY diabetic. His neuropathy was getting worse, his complexion was gray and he always seemed to be struggling to get going. Again, standing before me was this man clear-eyed, straight up tall and looking good. His face was pink almost, he just looked great. Still a few pounds to loose, but clearly headed in the right direction.
“I am no longer diabetic,”he stated. Wow. That set me back and really got my attention. I’ve been diabetic for too many years to count, struggling with all that applies to that disease. He handed me a piece of paper with Dr. Goolsby’s name and phone number, told me all about his treatments and plans then directed me to get in touch as soon as I could, which I did.
After just short of 2 months seeing Dr. Goolsby, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, but what is remarkable is that my blood sugar levels are dropping quickly. I’m still diabetic, but already off 2 of the 5 medications I was taking for it. I feel great. My mental attitude is becoming focused on positive thoughts and actions. While some of what the good Doctor suggests in reading and attitude, I’ve already embarked on the path is enhanced by a system that supports not only the thinking of a greater future, but the actual visualization of it. Seeing your future in the way and in the light you only dream of is attainable through your own efforts, with the help and support of what Dr. Goolsby and his staff is doing for so many people. Learning to BELIEVE in yourself and in your future while taking the steps to get there is exciting because you actually see it. Get your life back and go see Dr. Goolsby and his staff. Even his puppy dog will love ya!

Remy Laterrade